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Manufacturer of tomorrow's ALTERNATIVE treatment

Who are we?

CANNORDIC is an innovative and independent manufacturer of medical devices and cosmetics with cannabinoids from the cannabis plant (the sativa L).

Medical treatment

Specialized in developing medical devices, innovative treatment solutions, and skincare with natural Cannabidiol (CBD).

Quality Assurance

The 3 cores of CANNORDIC: Intellectual property, Optimized Delivery System Technology and Regulatory Compliance and Certifications

Reliable & high QUALITY medical treatment

By choosing a product from CANNORDIC, you actively prioritize buying an innovative solution which follow high industry standards of efficacy, safety and quality throughout research and development and production. All our product undergoes extensive testing and our production processes and ingredients are strictly controlled from field to shelf. All production is based in Europe and are certified by high industry standards.

Intellectual Property

  • Patented in 153 Nations

Medical devices and selected products have patent pending in accordance with Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) covering 153 nations across the globe

  • Other patents include 

Anti-Hair Loss Serum and Supplements


CANNASEN® trademark registered

Optimized Delivery System Technology

  • Increased bioavailability of cannabinoids through topical or intranasal use, optimizing the overall impact and efficacy of CBD and other cannabinoids

  • Optimal combination of ingredients allows for increased efficacy

Regulatory & Certifications

  • Meets compliance and quality standards according to HACCP, GACP, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 14971, ISO 10993



We focus on delivering product that comply with technical requirements to make sure that our customers benefit from compliance with high market standards of efficacy, quality and safety.

Industry leading partners from field to shelf​

Cultivation, sowing, harvesting, and extracting of the cannabinoids used in all medical devices and cosmetic products and are handled in cooperation with leading partners in each process of the production of CANNASEN®.

  • Green Valley, ensures high quality in agriculture and cultivation
  • Enecta is handling the extraction and testing of the CBD
  • Production of the finished product is handled through our laboratory, in compliance with relevant legislation