The Efficient OTC Alternative

Topical Treatments With CBD
for Auto-Immune and Stress-Related symptoms
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CANNORDIC A/S is a pioneering MedTech company specializing in innovative substance-based medical devices containing bioactive CBD.

At CANNORDIC we stand out in the innovation landscape as we research, develop, manufacture, and commercialize to provide evidence-based topical treatment using the therapeutic value of cannabinoids.

Our flagship products include Pain & Arthritis Gel, Pain Patch, Psoriasis Gel, and Nasal Protect Gel, which have revolutionized pain, skin, and allergy treatments.

With the global market for pain management and autoimmune treatments shifting towards alternative medicines, our market opportunity is vast, with the potential to capture a significant market share. Amongst CBD being a fast-growing ingredient for alternative treatment options, our technology and portfolio surpass competitive CBD-infused products as we have legalized, registered substance-based medical devices with cannabidiol under regulations in Europe (MDR), the UK (MHRA), the US (FDA), India (FDA), Australia (TGA) and Israel (Health Ministry), and more in progress.

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